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US / UK cross border financial planning

We specialise in assisting those who are classed as US connected individuals. They can be British expatriates living in the US, those who have a US tax filing requirement, US citizens living or working in the UK and those who are US connected by birth.

QROPS / UK pension planning for British Expats

Pension planning for a British expatriate can be difficult. Often pension as are left behind in the UK and it isn’t until retirement that options are considered. Below are some of the difficulties an expat will face before and on retirement;

Cross border court ordered pension sharing service

Cross Border Financial Planning is experienced in helping both private clients and matrimonial law professionals with the sharing of pensions when instructed by court order. Where we specialise is when the beneficiary is non-UK resident ...

Multi currency investment strategies for British Expats

Cross Border Financial Planning can provide investment advice to British expats or foreign nationals on money they have either left in the UK or offshore. Our investment solutions take into account your; Currency requirements ...


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