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Multi currency investment strategies for British Expats

Wherever you are in the world

Multi-Currency investing for British Expats

Cross Border Financial Planning can provide investment advice to British expats or foreign nationals on money they have either left in the UK or offshore. Our investment solutions take in to account your;

  • Currency requirements.
  • Investment objectives and time frame.
  • Tax status in the UK and in the country you live in.
  • Available tax allowances in the UK.
  • Investment compliance in the country you live (The structure of your investment may be tax inefficient due to the tax rules of your country of residence).

The solutions we provide at Cross Border Financial Planning are very different to what you will see from other overseas financial advisory companies. We are fee based and therefore do not receive commission at any point. The benefit to you of Cross Border Financial Planning being a fee based advisory firm is that annual running costs are lower and clearly defined as there are no hidden commission payments that push up annual charges.

At no point will any of our investment solutions have a penalty for part or full withdrawal of your funds. This means you have complete flexibility on when you access your money.

Our investment solutions are denominated in GBP, Euro and US$ (for US connected individuals the US$ investments are FATCA compliant). After understanding your investment objectives and time frame, we can then utilise an appropriate investment platform to deliver a professionally managed investment solution. We can assist you with the investment of lump sums or regular savings.

As time goes by your investment objectives may change. Your attitude towards risk can also change. With this in mind it’s important that your investment is continually monitored so that it stays appropriate to you. The investment manager also needs regular reviews so that they can be tested against an agreed benchmark. Should there be regular underperformance, a new manager can then be selected.

Cross Border Financial Planning can provide the advice, recommendation and implementation of an investment solution based on your objectives, time frame, currency requirements and country of residence. We can also provide ongoing investment management so that it stays appropriate for your goals.

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UK and Australian Cross Border Financial Planning Brochure

Please view our document library to download our UK and Australian Cross Border Financial Planning brochure. Our service is headed up by Tania Loveday. If you have any questions for Tania please contact her on tloveday@cbfp.co.uk.        ...

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