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If you are living in the USA and have private or occupational pension schemes left behind in the UK, Cross Border Financial Planning can help guide your retirement planning.

We offer a without cost or obligation review of your pension schemes to help you understand how to mitigate the key risks for a British expat such as currency risk and how you can access your funds at retirement.

Before or at-retirement planning for a British expat is very challenging. Virtually 99% of the pension provider market in the UK will not want to deal with you because of your US residency. Now that the UK operates fully flexible pension withdrawal, structuring pensions for retirement with a lack of pension providers willing to deal with you can be challenging. At Cross Border Financial Planning we can provide retirement solutions that allow you to access fully flexible drawdown. We can also assist you with any Defined Benefit / Final Salary pension schemes.

A transfer into a QROPS when the individual is a US resident can be considered taxable. Because of this at Cross Border Financial Planning we only advise on UK based pension solutions that are tried and tested.

There is no denying that the changes to UK pension legislation have greatly improved the situation in terms of death benefits and access to retirement funds for those choosing a UK based pension solutions. There are UK pensions which are designed specifically for Brits in the US, which can prove very attractive.

Our pension planning solutions carry the option of moving the funds held within the pension to US Dollars at an advantageous time for you. This will allow you to mitigate currency risk by having your pension benefits paid in US Dollars in retirement.

Please contact us for a no obligation review at our expense.

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